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St. Paul's History


The history of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Haysville, Indiana, is rich and complex. Since its humble beginnings with the first constitution in October 1848, the church has steadily evolved under the leadership of 18 pastors, three interim pastors, and six intern pastors.


The first building of size and importance was a white frame building near the cemetery. This church was partially destroyed by a tornado in 1906. A new brick church was then built on our present site, 556 West Haysville Road, but on Christmas Day, 1946, a fire destroyed that facility. Our current church was rebuilt on the same site, with dedication on Easter, 1949.  In February, 2006, St. Paul's dedicated its newest addition, consisting of a beautiful Welcome Center, Fellowship Hall, kitchen, offices and classrooms. A peaceful and tranquil Meditation Garden was placed between the old and the new, with access only from within the Church buildings.


Southern Indiana's German heritage has been of primary importance. Earliest services were all in the German language; confirmations, baptisms, and weddings were in German. World Wars and politics produced a split in the congregation, with the part who wished only English relocating to Christ Church. The last German-language confirmations to be held at St. Paul's were in 1941.


St. Paul's contributed two sons to the ministry, brothers Garland and Paul Baer, both now retired. The church has also had a long list of musicians and lay people who serve and cooperate with other organizations within the community.  St. Paul's also offers a $500.00 College Scholarship to a St. Paul's high school senior each year.


Sunday morning services at 9:00 a.m. are traditional Lutheran worship with liturgy and emphasis on traditional music: organ, strong congregational singing, and contributions by Chancel and Handbell choirs.

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